Prospect Ramblings – Don’t Overrate Don’t Underrate – Sept 6 2018

Pat Quinn



Welcome to the new and improved Thursday prospect ramblings, or the same ones as always but now I am back gearing up for the fantasy hockey year!


I am going to go over the first 15 teams (alphabetically) and pick a prospect (or young player in case some teams have no room) to not overrate/underrate in our upcoming fantasy drafts.


FYI: Overrating means you should not reach for the player and underrate means don’t like them slip for too long! There are always “sleeper” young players fantasy GMs reach for, here is who not to reach dramatically for or let slip too far down the draft list.


Also shout out to the fantastic Elite Prospects page for this, support and follow them


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Don’t Overrate:

Jacob Larsson and Marcus Pettersson – As great as these two players can be there is no room in the top four in Anaheim (save for the annual Fowler injury), and the one who makes it will likely be saddled to Luke Schenn keeping the players points low. On any other teams these two could likely step in to the line-up as a #4-#6.

Troy Terry and Sam Steel – Those with early drafts may feel inclined to take either of these players, but I would hold tight until they are at least said to be on the roster opening night. No one wants to waste a pick


Don’t Underrate:

Ondrej Kase