Prospect Ramblings – Not in my Top 50 – May 31 2018

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursdays ramblings. Today I will just…. Well ramble about prospect things. Yay. Also do not forget the Prospect report comes out tomorrow! Yay exciting!




Actually I kind of have no idea what to write about, which is a silly thing to admit to you, the reader, but I am being honest.


You know what, I will talk about the prospects report, and by that I mean the prospects I kept off of my top 50. I also want to say this year (out of my ~4 years doing it so far) was the year where I had the most prospect I wanted to cram into the list. Last year I felt that the top 35-40 were solid and I had a tough time ranking the rest as I felt they were all not very amazing. I also had Dubois at 50 as I was NEVER impressed watching him and boy do I look dumb now.


Anyway these players were so tough to cut, and why (Goalies and players with NHL game experience are excluded):


Matthew Phillips, CGY


Phillips killed the WHL this season and was far and away the best skater on his team. He will likely need some AHL seasoning as he is quite small, but the Flames could have a sixth round steal on its hands. He was the toughest player for me to cut, and ultimately I did because I do not know how willing the Flames would be in the long run to add another Gaudreau type player and if that player would get the same chance as Johnny Hockey to create offense.


Dmitri Sokolov, MIN


Sokolov is a personal favorite of mine. He has the skills to be an NHL player, and an elite shot, but his skating is pretty blah. He was kept off because I want him to succeed in the NHL more than I think he will succeed.


Dante Fabbro, NSH


Fabbro is a solid player and should become a solid NHLer, but look at Nashville I doubt Fabbro can put up points any time soon. Likely a better NHL player than fantasy player, so I kept him off.


Rasmus Kupari, 2018


Kupari was the only extra 2018 player I had cut, as I had a few on my overall list. I find him more of a two-way pro player than a scoring forward, so I had other players ahead of him.


Jacob MacDonald, NJ (Defense)


His play in the AHL this year cannot be ignored (55 points in 75 games), but his defense is not great and that may make him wind up as another TJ Brennan keeping him off the list for now


Garrett Pilon, WSH


Took the most shots of anyone in the WHL this season, posting his best points per game as well, and has progressed extremely well every season he has been in th