Jesper Bratt




Jesper Bratt, LW/RW

Shoots: L

Height: 5-10

Weight: 172

Born: 1998-07-30

Hometown: Stockholm, SWE

Drafted: 2016, by New Jersey Devils, 162nd overall








Bratt is quickly becoming a household name as the 2016 6th rounder is leading all rookies in points to start the season. Bratt has been used in all situations and has provided an offensive spark to the Devils penalty kill. If he continues his exceptional play Bratt should be able to stick with the Devils all year. However, he does have the option to play in the AHL, or OHL for the London Knights, so it may be to early to tell what the Devils plan for him is this season. Grant Frey

May 2017 – New Jersey has signed Bratt to a three-year entry-level contract. At 18 and requiring a bit more all-around development, he will likely remain in Sweden next season to refine his quick, elusive offensive game and hone his defensive chops. Kevin Wickersham

April 2017 – Bratt finished the Allsvenskan regular season with a respectable six goals and 16 assists in 42 games for AIK averaging 13:21 minutes of ice-time per game. In a dramatic playoff series with Karlskoga, AIK lost their final game which included Bratt taking a puck to his hand causing him to exit early. Bratt tallied one goal and one assist in eight playoff games this postseason. Kevin Wickersham

January 2017 – Bratt is small in stature, but possesses a big shot with a quick release. His shooting ability makes him lethal on the power play. He is extremely fast both with and without the puck and maintains his balance well, causing defenders havoc as he can deke and evade them skillfully. He exerts excellent puck control, and is creative at offering timely passes that put his teammates in good position to score, even while blazing across the ice. He displays intuition on offense that allows him to effectively utilize space and his teammates strategically, seeming to plan several moves ahead of the action.

Bratt pursues the puck aggressively in all zones, but is neither physical nor strong by NHL standards. This presents him with problems against larger, fast defenders who can keep up with his speedy skating as they are too often able to knock him off the puck. His small frame also impacts his defensive game. Just how his style and lack of a physical game will play in North America remains to be seen. One may envision him as successful, one-dimensional scorer at the NHL level, but likely he will have to polish his defensive abilities and bulk up a bit to reach that level of play. Kevin Wickersham


Fantasy Outlook: C

Highly talented offensively, Bratt must improve his defense and further develop physically to excel at the North American game.



Highlights include Jesper Bratts's (#98) goals, assists, scoring chances and passing plays from his 2015-16 campaign with AIK.



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