Prospect Ramblings: RFA Qualification – Who was left available?

Hayden Soboleski



A slightly less publicized deadline has passed in the NHL this week: that for RFA qualification. Teams had until the 26th to qualify their RFA, stopping them from becoming UFAs on July 1st.


Qualification means that a team reserves the right to match any contract offer that player gets from another club, whereas not-qualified players are free to sign wherever they wish, they have no affiliation with that team any longer.


Qualified players have until July 15 to accept their offers, or choose to hold out for a better contract. If another team offer these players a deal (an offer sheet), the team has one week to match it or accept the draft pick compensation for letting them go.


Non-Qualified players (for the most part) are ones to dump off your reserve bench in fantasy hockey. If their club deems them so unlikely to be of value that they will lose them for free, perhaps there is better use for your valuable bench spots.


Below I’ve listed the player who DID receive offers from their team, and then a list top notable players who DID NOT receive offers – becoming notable free agents.


In tomorrow's Ramblings, Mark Allen will continue his epic Ramblings saga and give some much more in-depth analysis of each of the fantasy-relevant prospects mentioned herein. So as a primer for his work, here we go:





I cherry-picked some players who did not receive qualifying offers due to their remaining current value or status as finally at the end of their rope. These are risky pickups at best, but free value should never be frowned upon in the world of fantasy hockey.


Keep around for now: