July 31-in-31: Winnipeg Jets

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  NHL Entry Draft   The Jets used all eight of their picks in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft and the clear focus was stocking the prospects cupboard full of defensemen. The team selected just two forwards at the draft, while obtaining plenty of size to go along with skating ability on the back end. [...]

Washington Capitals July 31-in-31

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WASHINGTON CAPITALS JULY 31-in-31 2017  The Capitals had a light draft, with only four picks, and concentrated those picks in prospect areas they are already deep on. Three of the four Capitals picks were defensemen and all are definitely not locks to ever to make the NHL as they were taken in the fourth to [...]

July 31-in-31: Vegas Golden Knights

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  Vegas' inaugural NHL draft has come and gone and they had three draft picks within the top 15 of the first round and 12 total picks in the entire draft. Vegas' top three picks set their prospect depth up right from the start. And adding long-term talent and a few goaltenders will only help [...]

Prospects Rambling: NHL’s Deepest Organizations: Goalie

By |2017-07-28T14:40:24-04:00July 28th, 2017|Prospects Rambling|

It’s critical to have quality netminders – both in real hockey and on your fantasy squad. For those in keeper leagues with large rosters, especially considering position scarcity, it’s wise to stock a promising goalie pool before prices skyrocket as prospects approach potential NHL starter gigs. I’ve been paying lots of attention lately to the [...]

July 31-in-31: Vancouver Canucks

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  It’s official, the Vancouver Canucks do not like this new lottery format. Two years in a row, the bottom-feeding club has suffered a multiple-slot slide, falling from third to fifth in 2016 and tumbling from second to fifth this past June.   While those spots are crucial, especially at the very cream of the [...]

July 31-in-31: Toronto Maple Leafs

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With the organization’s offensive strength already in place and developing, the Maple Leafs took a different approach to the draft with a longer view than in the past. The organization only used a pair of selections on forwards both of whom are projects four plus years away from surfacing. Instead, defense was the asset class [...]

DobberProspects Fantasy Mailbag: July Edition

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  The slow, carefree summer offseason is now in full effect. The excitement after the initial free agent frenzy has gone whisper quiet and fantasy teams around your league are likely in hibernation mode. Camping, weddings and beach time reign supreme.  Fortunately for you, we at DobberProspects refuse to take a break. These are some [...]

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