Prospects Ramblings: Big names and little known prospects updates you need to know

Peter Harling


Imama, Boko

Throughout the year there are so many leagues, prospects and situations to keep an eye on, it sometimes gets overwhelming. There are draft eligible players I want to gather information on, prospects from my fantasy teams I own I need to keep abreast on and the list goes on. With so much happening here are some random prospects I have been looking at lately and why.

Boko Imama is a Tampa Bay Lightning prospect. I first heard of Imama on an episode of the BoltProspects and became intrigued. I am in a couple of roto style fantasy leagues that score categories such as hits and PIM’s and Imama is known to be a feared heavy weight tough guy in the QMJHL playing for the Saint John Sea Dogs. The episode I was listening to was talking about how tough Imama is and that he seldom loses a fight, but that his skating and hands were very big question marks. That podcast was sometime after the Lightning had drafted him180th overall in the sixth round of the 2015 draft. Fast forward to today; Imama arrived this summer at the Lightning prospect camps a very different player. He is still huge and very strong, but his skating is no longer a glaring weakness. Imama has also displayed some leadership qualities and he wears the A as an alternate Captain for the second season. But more impressive that that is the fact that he is starting to show signs of offensive capabilities. His vastly developed skill set earned him his first NHL preseason game this season and he managed to score in that game. The Lightning had the option of sending Imama to either the AHL or back to junior and decided on back to junior. I do not think this is a sign that he is a bust, rather the opposite. If he played this year in the AHL, he likely would have been designated to be a fighter. In going back to the QMJHL, where there is far less fighting with the new rules, he will be allowed to play a more significant role and develop his puck skills playing on a top team in Saint John. To date on the season Imama has played 19 games and has 11 goals and 16 points and only 16 penalty minutes. On Sunday he enjoyed a career game scoring four goals

{source}<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Imama joins Zack Phillips, Jonathan Huberdeau and Nathan Noel as the only <a href="">#SJSeaDogs</a> to score four times in a regular season or playoff game</p>&mdash; Saint John Sea Dogs (@SJSeaDogs) <a href="">November 13, 2016</a></blockquote>

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Now while it is great to see Imama continuing to develop I still think his fantasy upside is limited to leagues which include hits and penalty minutes. He likely peaks as a valuable AHL player but since the leagues where I added him as a free agent have 23 man prospect benches and are 20+ team leagues each I can use a prospect spot and sit on him for a year or two and hope he continues to develop and can work his way into the NHL and deliver plenty of stats to my hits, PIM’s, blocks and a few point categories.


Jonathan Ang is a prospect I have been watching very closely for his entire OHL career as I am at Petes