Brody Hoffman

Edric Joseph


Courtesy of SBN College Hockey

Brody Hoffman, G

Catches: L

Height: 6-4

Weight: 194

Born: 1991-02-18

Hometown: Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada

Drafted: Undrafted






September 2016 – Brody Hoffman has some ground to make up if he’s going to make some noise this upcoming season. After much fanfare after his acquisition by the Wild organization he went 19-17-1 for the Quad City Mallards while sporting a .911 save percentage and a 2.78 GAA. Getting his conditioning together would be a big help for him as his recovery and play in the clutch would be helped tremendously. Edric Joseph


February 2016 – Due to the lack of playing time available with the Iowa Wild, Brody Hoffman has been re-assigned to their Quad City affiliate. Likely not his ideal predicament when signing with the Minnesota less than a year ago, but he still needs to get use to the faster pace and a tougher schedule than what he’s accustomed to. He’ll need to better his individual metrics (including a pedestrian 0.907 save percentage) if he’s going to push the likes of Kahkonen and Michalek and announce himself as Minnesota’s goalie of the future. Edric Joseph


May 2015 –  After much courting from multiple NHL clubs, Brody Hoffman has settled down with a one year entry level agreement with the Minnesota Wild. Before doing so, he was one of the more coveted free agent goalie prospects in recent memory with his considerable progress made patrolling the University of Vermont crease. Despite catching his stride, the amount of playing time allotted did not reflect the strides of progress that he made. Vermont’s season didn’t have the fairytale ending to their season the way they’d hope when Boston College knocked them out in the semi-finals but Hoffman looked like he belonged not just in the playoffs but in the regular season as well. Edric Joseph



Fantasy Outlook: C-

Hoffman Plays a positional game, thereby heavily leaning on his ability to read plays as they unfold. Pressure’s on to impress in short order given the terms of his agreement.



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