Prospect Ramblings – Our scouting team’s prospect draft (Aug 28 2016)

Hayden Soboleski


Reviewing the results of a prospect draft run by prospect specialists in the Sunday Ramblings…


The DobberProspects Fantasy Hockey League (DPFHL) started earlier this summer with a roster player draft. Only players with 41 games or more of NHL experience were eligible, as well as goalies with more than 21 games. Now its time for Part II: the prospect draft for our farm teams – aka our scouting team's bread and butter. Only players with less than 41 games NHL experience are eligible (and goalies with les than 21 NHL games). Every team is run my the site scout responsible for that team (for example, the Colorado Avalanche team in the DPFHL is operated by myself, as I am responsible for the Avs page here on DobberProspects). So, lets take a look at how the first few rounds have shaken out, in the name of both transparaency as your fantasy hockey references, and since there's no such thing as a boring draft! Before judging a writer's pick too harshly, remember that given a team's current roster, one may be aiming for help immediately or far down the road.


Round 1 

1: New Jersey Devils – Auston Matthews 13: Buffalo Sabres – Matt Murray
2: Montreal Canadiens – Jesse Puljujarvi 14: Arizon Coyotes – Christian Dvorak
3: WInnipeg Jets – Patrick Laine 15: Chicago Blackhawks – Matt Barzal
4: LA Kings – Mitch Marner