Buffalo Sabres: August 30 in 30

Paul Zwambag


Alex Nylander - photo courtesy: sabres.nhl.com

The big storyline of the Buffalo Sabres off-season is #VeseyWatch. Wondering if/when Jimmy Vesey will sign with the Buffalo Sabres. He has already told them he wants to meet with other teams before deciding where to play, but Buffalo owns his exclusive negotiating rights until August 15th. Vesey could very easily test the open market and return back to the Sabres and sign a contract. My opinion, he hits the open market and uses the Sabres as leverage to get a little bit more money, but Vesey ends up signing elsewhere. The Sabres only risked a third round draft pick next year to try to get to him before he hits open market. I think GM Tim Murray should not be faulted, high reward for low risk, that's what you want to see from your GM.


Remember that this is based on fantasy production and not a matter of who is closest to the NHL or who is most likely to be an NHLer. It mainly focuses on who is going to be important in fantasy leagues overall.




Alexander Nylander

Daniel Catenacci

William Carrier

Brandon Hagel

Brett Murray

Victor Olofsson

Evan Rodrigues

Gustav Possler

Maxwell Willman


Rasmus Asplund

Giorgio Estephan

Connor Hurley

Judd Peterson

Vasily Glotov

Sean Malone

Jean Dupuy

Christopher Brown

Justin Kea


Hudson Fasching

Justin Bailey

Vaclav Karabacek

Nick Baptiste

Eric Cornel

Cliff Pu







Brendan Guhle