Prospect Ramble – July 23 2015

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Hey there fellow hockey lovers - Zach is back with another edition of Prospect Ramblings. What an exciting few weeks it has been with NHL clubs holding their annual development camps! With that in mind, our hard-working scouts have sent in reports from around the league highlighting said camps as we hit the two month [...]

July 13th, 2015

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Summer development camps, trading for Eichel and more...




Welcome back to the ramblings. After taking some time off to decompress from the draft, Brendan, Zach and I will bring you ramblings on a weekly cadence for the rest of the summer as prospect news starts to slow down.


This week is actually one of the more action-packed of the summer as development camps are going on around the league.


Connor McDavid impressed in his first scrimmage, scoring five goals. Generational player. Jack Eichel, on the other hand, drew 17,000 fans to his first public scrimmage, but didn’t even record a point as Sam Reinhart stole the show! Bust. Honestly though, the McEichel hasn’t missed a beat, post draft, and while it is hard to not talk about them, we will do our best to refrain from updating you on every nice play they pull in a non-contact practice against a seventh round pick.

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