Carter Ashton

Jason Banks


Carter Ashton

Carter Ashton, RW

Shoots: L

Height: 6-3

Weight: 205

Born: 1991-04-01

Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Drafted: 2009 by Tampa Bay Lightning, 29th Overall








February 2015 – After four seasons of pro, Ashton has found himself a ‘tweener’ on the cusp of the NHL. He has ability to score and is rather productive at the AHL level, but he has yet to show his talents at the top level despite numerous chances. After drafting him late in the first round and then dealing him during a playoff run, Tampa Bay has decided to re-acquire him for depth in their system as they have potential to make big noise again. His career would jump forward if he can get a few bounces, but currently he is a prospect to avoid especially since he shows no desire to use his frame effectively. Jason Banks


November 2013 – Despite his rough season last year, Ashton was granted a large opportunity to become a regular NHLer to start the season, unfortunately he failed to seize the moment. Since the return to health and ending of a major suspension, Ashton has been bounced from the lineup and has seen a handful of games in the AHL where he has been productive. He is now back with the Leafs due to the latest Lupul injury, playing in a responsible third line role. Trevor Smith’s emergence hurts Ashton’s opportunities short term. Jason Banks


May 2013 – Struggles continued for Ashton in the new year despite having an increased role allotted to him. He only produced eight points (four goals) in the last 23 regular season games. I have pegged him as an important piece for the Marlies playoff hopes as they will need his energy, which has not diminished and his scoring potential if the team goes deep. At this point, he has just one assist – on the opening goal of the playoffs. Jason Banks


December 2012 – Ashton been playing a reduced role this season and is becoming a more responsible two-way player. He still has a deadly shot that has contributed five goals to start the season, but has been rather invisible many nights which hinders opportunity for promotion. Jason Banks


May 2011 – Carter Ashton possesses the NHL size and gritty, physical style that Brian Burke loves and is an accountable two-way player. With decent offensive talent, Ashton burst onto the scene in his first AHL season leading the league in scoring in the first month. His inconsistencies were apparent with a major slow-down in production, finishing the season with 38 points in 63 games. While those are good numbers for a rookie, Ashton needs to round out his offensive game in order to be a top-six NHL player. Ryan Goddard


Fantasy Outlook: C-

Ashton will provide penalty minutes and goals and is more likely a solid third-line player. Assuming he gives North America another shot.



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