Gavin Bayreuther

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Gavin Bayreuther, LD

Shoots: L

Height: 6-1

Weight: 181

Born: 1994-05-12

Hometown: Caanan, NH, USA

Drafted: 2014 Eligible




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June 2014 – A 1994-born defender, Gavin Bayreuther made headlines playing for St. Lawrence University and finishing third in NCAA defensive scoring with 36 points in 38 games as a freshman. If he were available as a free agent, Bayreuther would’ve been arguably the top collegiate target. Playing for St. Lawrence University, Bayreuther posted near point-per-game numbers on the blue line with 36 points in 38 games, including nine goals. Brendan Ross


Fantasy Outlook: B

Bayreuther has already been passed over in the draft several times but his skill set is unique and he’s become a late bloomer worth a draft pick.




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