Yegor Korshkov

by Brian Harling on December 8, 2017

Yegor Korshkov, RW

Shoots: L

Height: 6-03

Weight: 179

Born: 1996-07-10

Hometown:  Novosibirsk, Russia

Drafted: 2016 by Toronto Maple Leafs, 31st Overall








December 2017 - Expectations were high for Korshkov when the Leafs drafted him with the 31st pick in the 2016 draft. He is a big guy at 6'4" but just 180 pounds. Korshkov is now in his fourth season in the KHL and is still just 21. He has not progressed as had been anticipated with his production having dropped off this year over last year. Before we can get a handle on the potential upside for Koshkov he will need to come over to play in the AHL/NHL. It is suspected that he will be encouraged to come to the AHL for next season. If he does that we will be able to get a better read on his fantasy value, but for now he is a bit of a long shot for the Leafs. Brian Harling

July 2016 – After being passed over in multiple drafts, the Leafs finally selected the budding, overage Russian with the first selection on the second day of the draft. Truth be told there were a few teams interested in his services, one team of note (Winnipeg Jets) already ownd rights to his line-mate of several years. He is the earliest taken, final year of eligibility players that comes to mind which is an abnormality in most drafts. Korshkov has played a heavy, skilled complete game in the several tiers of the Russian hockey system, with the last pair of seasons playing large chunks in the KHL. He really turned heads this season in the WJC as a leading scorer for the Russian squad which is the most likely reason he was jumped on early, rather than just being signed and negotiated with as a free agent. The organization and player have some advantageous rights that go with his ‘drafted’ status, the team has rights for him for longer (four years) as an unsigned player that cannot be put back into the draft, allowing the team to let him develop against men and for him to continue to play at home. He also can be a quicker possible contributor as he qualifies to play in the AHL and he does not need to sign an entry level contract to do so, if he wishes. The likely scenario is to see him participate in camp and return to his Lokomotiv KHL team for the upcoming season and show more progression and fulfilling his contract obligations before coming across the pond. He projects to be a mid-lower line winger with a game that may be similar and more electric than Leo Komarov’s game, but with less intensity towards opponents. Korshkov is already well developed to play as a professional, so transition will be key. He likely slides into a bottom-six role within a couple seasons and his production will dictate where he goes from there. Jason Banks


Fantasy Outlook: B-


He has the talent to post nice statistics without being a top-line player and can appear on both sides of special teams. Looks to be nice secondary contributor in a few years.




His draft moment and quick assessment by NHL Network:



Follows the play for his first KHL goal:



Smart, second effort, kick pass to Evgeni Grachev:



Shows off chemistry from his linemates of several seasons:



Finishes a beauty pass from Perti Kontiola:



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