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Fantasy Summary

Vanecek is a smaller goalie with loads of skill. Still quite raw with consistency issues, but the talent is there to develop into an NHL goaltender


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August 2020 – Vanecek was invited to Capitals training camp and was one of three Capitals goalies brought to Toronto for the playoffs. The injury to Ilya Samsonov would not have hurt his chances of being invited, but it has opened the door for him to potentially play some games. Unfortunately, he did not get an exhibition game as the Capitals kept Holtby in net. Vanecek is currently the back up and may get a few reps in depending on the game score. The Capitals obviously still see something in Vanecek or he would not be the back up. Pat Quinn 


March 2020 – Well the season is paused for the AHL and it may be cancelled. A positive for Vanecek is that he has put up his best goals against average and save percentage in the AHL with 2.26 and 0.917 respectively. Sadly he only played in 31 games and the current split with Copley was 50/50 as the Bears just did not want him to take over the starters role. Perhaps the plan is to have Copley back up Samsonov for 2020-2021 with Vanecek the full fledged starter in the AHL, but Vanecek may have other plans. He has improved in each of his four full AHL seasons and before everyone anoints Samsonov as the Capitals defacto starter they cannot forget Vanecek who is quite close to coming to the show. He is still slightly inconsistent but what goalie is not. The Capitals will look forward to Samsonov and Vanecek trying to one up the other one in starts down the line.  Pat Quinn


January 2020 – Vanacek had a great seven December games with one shut out, one game with a save percentage below 0.800, and the remaining five games having a sv% above 0.917. He was awarded an all star spot, and was the MVP of the AHL all star game. He is still splitting start with Copley sadly but Vanecek does have his moments of poor play. Pat Quinn


November 2019 – Vanecek has been pretty up and down to start the season with four games having a save percentage above 0.920 and the other six below 0.900. He really needs to grab the reigns as the starter here but Hershey loves its vets, and Copley has been a great soldier for the organization.  Pat Quinn


September 2019 – Vanecek was sent back down to Hershey as the lone goalie from training camp with the Capitals. He played well in the games he was in but was not given the longest leash to play. Really this is a good development for him as he can again prove strong play for the Bears and battle either Samsonov or Copley for the starters net. The future looks good for Vanecek but it is unknown if that will be with the Capitals or not. Pat Quinn


June 2019 – Vanacek was tendered his qualifying offer by the Capitals as they obviously see a future with the young Czech. Vanacek played well in the playoffs for the Bears posting a 0.935 save percentage in four games, as the Bears split starts between Vanacek and Samsonov (who had the extra game). He will battle again for the net in Hershey with Samsonov and although he does not have the draft pedigree to challenge Samsonov, so far he has the statistics of the 2018-2019 season.  Pat Quinn


March 2019 – Vanacek has been the better of the two goalies so far this season with a 0.903 save percentage, but he has been in North America for over three seasons so far. He is besting his previous season in almost the same amount of games, at times behind an arguably worse defense, and that is great progress. A worrisome part is that even though the Bears’ defense is mostly back to healthy, Vanacek still has his ups and down while playing. Some nights he can look fantastic and other times he can look frazzeled. His bad games are happening less and less though. Pat Quinn


December 2018 – Propped behind an ECHL level defense thanks to injuries Vanacek has posted pretty good numbers in the situation. His numbers are still pretty inconsistent but there are far more good nights then bad nights, which is a step in the right direction. Pat Quinn


September 2018 – Vanacek will split time for the Bears with Samsonov for the season as both goalies look to establish a career in the NHL. Vanacek’s road got a lot tougher with top prospect Samsonov in the fold but Vanacek has played in North America for the past three seasons, which should be enough to give him the 1A type treatment. Pat Quinn


March 2018 – Vanacek’s AHL season has once again been consistent, but also different than his consistent previous season. This season when he is good he is good, but when he is bad he is awful. Some of that can be attributed to a poorer Bears team in recent year, but Vanacek’s play has been a lot of good game then bad game style play. As goalie development is always an unknown it is a positive that Vanacek was not sent down to the ECHL and has been splitting starts with Phoenix Copley (when healthy). More seasoning is needed. Pat Quinn


November 2017 – Vanacek was recalled by the Bears from the ECHL after an early season injury required him to have a conditioning stint. He finished with a 0.935 save percentage and a 2.01 gaa as he is still too good for it. The problem then becomes is he finally consistent enough in the AHL to develop further as he shares the net with Phoenix Copley. Pat Quinn


April 2017 – The regular season has concluded for the AHL and the Bears have made the playoffs after an up and down season. Vanecek’s play was the same, but way more inconsistent, mostly due to how green he was in the AHL and the massive amount of injuries to the Bears defence. He split most of the season and played more of a backup role once Copley came back to the Capitals. He will still stay in the AHL for a few more seasons as he needs to take over the starting role for the Bears which the Capitals will help him with, and likely put him in a 1A/1B situation again. If there is one team great at producing NHL goalies it is Washington. In 39 games, Vanecek finished with a 0.909 save percentage (would have been higher if not for an abysmal month from December 28th to January 25th), a 2.54 goals against average, 18 wins, and five shut outs. Pat Quinn


October 2016 – Vanecek was sent down to Hershey as the AHL teams training camp opened to get him more time to practice as he battles for the starting role for the Bears. Vanecek played will in the prospect tournament where the Capitals brought a strong team in front of him. In exhibition play he started a game and played well as the Capitals were dominated by the Canadiens even though he allowed five goals. He also played a half game against Carolina only allowing one goal on 13 shots. He likely will split his first full AHL season as the Capitals brought in an experienced minor league goalie to give him competition and help him in tough times. He is still a while away from the NHL.  Pat Qunn


January 2016 – Vanecek was again the main goalie for the Czech team at the World Juniors and this time around he faired much better. He played in all five games recording a 0.881 save percentage and a 2.73 goals against average. The Czech’s were routinely outmatched but played strong for most of the tournament aside from a few bad games which explains Vanecek’s sub 0.900 sv%. He will continue to develop in the ECHL this season for the South Carolina Stingrays but he is still a while away before he can make an NHL mark. Pat Quinn

December 2015 – Vanecek was named the ECHL rookie of the month for November where he put up a 4-2-1 record, 1.26 goals against average, and a 0.946 save percentage. He has been a top goalie in the ECHL this year and for a 19=year old that is no small feat. He will again be the starter for an underdog Czech team at the World Juniors. He is progressing well but is still quite a ways away. Pat Quinn

Nov 2015 – Vanecek is having a transitional start to this season since coming over to play in North America. He is playing for the Capitals’ ECHL team, the South Carolina Stingrays, as they look to give him the longer, but more structured, development process. In the eight games played he has a 0.906 save percentage, three wins and one shut out. His first five games started slow, as he sported a 0.880 SV%, but he has since rebounded some to improve his numbers. Remember he is only 19 years old so there is plenty of time for him to develop. Pat Quinn

Sept 2015 – Vanecek has been sent to the AHL to attend the Hershey Bears camp where he will be battling all year to be the starter. He will be battling Dan Ellis and Justin Peters for the starting role in Hershey. Do not be surprised if he is sent down to the ECHL however, as the Bears may want a more experienced tandem in net, and he may play more games in the ECHL than he would if he is no the starter in the AHL. Pat Quinn

May 2015 – Vanacek had an inconsistent 2014-2015 season. He was poor on the big stage of the world juniors, but managed to use the experience to better his game later in the season. He mainly played in the Czech2 league for HC Benatky nad Jizerou here he posted a 0.925 sv% in 20 games, flashing his potential. For his two games in the top Czech league he played very well and posted a 0.943 sv%. Recently in April he was with the Hershey Bears for about a week to work on his game and development for the 2015 training camp under the tutelage of Mitch Korn and his partners. He is still a long term project but the wait could be worthwhile. Pat Quinn

January 2014 – A poor showing for Vanecek at the Wold Juniors as he was expected to carry this team through games where they were outmatched. Instead, he put up a save percentage of .829 in three games and was replaced by Miroslav Svoboda for the remainder of the tournament. He will look to rebound back in the Czech2 league and will hopefully be in top form when he returns for the Czech’s next year.Pat Quinn

November 2014 – Vanecek has moved around in a lot of leagues this year. With a save percentage (SV%) of 0.938 in three games for Bili Tygri Liberec U20 in the Czech20 league, Vanecek was promoted to the Czech2 league to again play for HC Benatky nad Jizerou. In 12 games he has a 0.926 SV% and an impressive 2.12 GAA. He so far has a better save percentage then any time in his career. In the Czech Republic O19 tournament he was not scored on in two games and in the U20 tournament he held a 0.938 SV% in four games. He will be relied upon heavily for the Czech team to have a hope in the world junior tournament. Pat Quinn

September 2014 – Vanecek was loaned to HC Benatky nad Jizerou of the Czech2 league where he will be the starter. He is also looking to play well enough during the season to become the starter for the Czech Republic national junior team at the World Junior Championship in December. Of note the Capitals signed him to a three year entry level deal almost immediately after drafting him, showing commitment early which is something rarely seen by teams when goalies are drafted. Pat Quinn

Fantasy Upside 6.0
NHL Certainty 7.5
Country CZE
Position G
Roster Type Minors
Shoot/Glove Left
Date of Birth January 9, 1996
Height 6‘1”
Weight 181 lbs
Drafted 2014 Round 2; Overall: 39


 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 2009-2010 BK Havlickuv Brod U16Czech U167 4.35 .874|      
 2010-2011 BK Havlickuv Brod U16Czech U1612 5.15 .874|      
  BK Havlickuv Brod U18Czech U181 6.00 .800|      
  HC Pelhrimov U18Czech U18 2- - -|      
 2011-2012 BK Havlickuv Brod U16Czech U1627 3.49 .899|      
  BK Havlickuv Brod U18Czech U187 4.09 .915|      
 2012-2013 BK Havlickuv Brod U18Czech U1831 3.33 .924|Relegation5 2.53 .937
  BK Havlickuv Brod U20Czech U20 22 2.00 -|      
  Czech Republic U17 (all)International-Jr8 4.59 .853|      
 2013-2014 Bili Tygri Liberec U20Czech U2038 2.64 .921|Playoffs4 4.23 .898
  Bili Tygri LiberecCzech0 - -|      
  HC Benatky nad JizerouCzech21 3.05 .906|      
  Czech Republic U18Hlinka Gretzky Cup4 2.89 .921|      
  Czech Republic U19WJAC-192 4.50 .862|      
  Czech Republic U18WJC-187 2.74 .897|      
  Czech Republic U18 (all)International-Jr22 2.52 .911|      
 2014-2015 Bili Tygri LiberecChampions HL0 - -|      
  Bili Tygri Liberec U20Czech U204 3.60 .919|      
  Bili Tygri LiberecCzech2 1.50 .943|Relegation4 3.26 .870
  HC Benatky nad JizerouCzech220 2.24 .925|Playoffs5 2.77 .902
  Czech Republic U19 (all)International-Jr8 1.47 .945|      
  Czech Republic U20WJC-203 4.31 .829|      
  Czech Republic U20 (all)International-Jr7 3.50 .871|      
 2015-2016 Hershey BearsAHL1 0.92 .962|      
  South Carolina StingraysECHL32 2.03 .917|Playoffs11 2.31 .914
  Czech Republic U20WJC-205 2.73 .881|      
  Czech Republic U20 (all)International-Jr8 3.38 .873|      
 2016-2017 Hershey BearsAHL39 2.54 .909|Playoffs4 2.75 .910
 2017-2018 Hershey BearsAHL32 3.04 .888|      
  South Carolina StingraysECHL2 2.01 .935|      
 2018-2019 Hershey BearsAHL38 2.62 .907|Playoffs4 2.25 .935
 2019-2020 Washington CapitalsNHL0 - -|      
  Hershey BearsAHL31 2.26 .917|      
 2020-2021 Hershey BearsAHL- - -|