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Protas is a massive centre that NHL teams covet, who is great at creating plays off the rush or on the powerplay and has improved his skating and shot.


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July 2023 – In 20 playoff games, as the Bears marched towards winning the Calder Cup, Protas tied for third on the team with 13 points in 20 games. He looked great playing a middle-six role on the team, and played a good portion on the 1PP. Protas was able to get more ice time than other young Capitals prospects but it is crazy to think how the NHL team is seemingly making him out to be the next player in line for a full time NHL spot, even with a new coach coming it. His progression, for a third round selection, has been impressive considering the other prospects he has been competing against. Pat Quinn


April 2023 – Protas was in an odd spot all season. He was one of Laviolette’s favorite players, but he was also not trusted enough to play anywhere outside of the bottom six or press box. While he got in 58 NHL games, he also only averaged around 11:30 of ice time, which explains his 15 points in those games. When the Washington line up was mostly healthy he was sent to the AHL for eight games spanning two call-ups in late January Early February. To finish the season the Capitals have sent him down to the Bears for the playoff run the team is about to go on, not to mention the final game of the season. In his nine AHL games he had five points, so he is clearly progressing. Pat Quinn


January 2023 – Protas was playing in the NHL to start the season, but he was not afforded the line up position he occupied the previous season (with Ovechkin and Kuznetsov) as he was predominately a bottom six player. In 41 NHL games he had 10 points and his defense play was vastly improved from the prior year. The issue is that he could potentially be a point producing centre but his defensive play may limit him to more of a middle to bottom six centre. In early January he was sent to the AHL with the Capitals getting fully healthy. In four AHL games he has two points, and typical of him they are just two points. Pat Quinn


September 2022 – Protas has skyrocketed up the Capitals prospect rankings since he was drafted and in 2021-22 he was given the prime even-strength minutes with skilled forwards. In his first seven AHL games, before being called up in November, he had five points in seven games. After his 33 NHL game trail, where he had nine points, he was sent back to Hershey in February and registered 19 points in his remaining 35 games. He will still likely play in the AHL for an extra season or two because of the log jam in the NHL, and it will be more beneficial for a player of his size. Long term, if Protas decides to use his size, more to his advantage, the Capitals will have a top six scoring forward. Pat Quinn


January 2022 – Protas was brought up to the NHL in November (disregarding the four minute call up game November 1) and the Capitals have not sent him down to play any games yet. Washington tried to send him down a couple times but COVID and other illnesses required him to either be immediately recalled or assigned to the December-created taxi squad. He was often promoted to the top line when the majority of injuries were ravishing the Capitals. Protas has seven points in 25 games but really does not look like he is ready for the NHL. He often seems to be a half second behind the play, hesitant to get the puck and does not use his size like he should. There are times when what he can be shines through and he creates plays with his passing ability and storms the net. He does need more time in the AHL though he should make the NHL sooner than later. Pat Quinn


October 2021 – Protas has four points in five games as he sits tied for third on the Bears in points. The points are there right now but the play is still inconsistent and he could benefit from using his body more, reading the play a bit quicker, and shooting more. He cannot always be a pass first player or he will get played as so. The size and skill is very intriguing and he could be very hard to stop if he puts it all together. Pat Quinn


September 2021 – Protas will be headed to the AHL for this season and will look to develop his game for a league that is more fast paced. Pat Quinn


March 2021 – Protas’ Minsk team was eliminated from the KHL playoffs in five games, but Protas had four points as he was randomly relied upon to score. He looked pretty good in his games as well. It is unknown if he can come back and play in the AHL or if he has to sit out and wait until the KHL playoffs are over to come back. He still needs to work on his skating but he really looks like a steal of a pick from the third round. Pat Quinn


February 2021 – Protas finished the season for Minsk with 18 points in 58 games, which is pretty good for a KHL rookie. He will not play in the playoffs but who knows if he will get any ice or game time. Pat Quinn


January 2021 – Protas has been playing well in the KHL for Dynamo Minsk but is getting the usual rookie treatment with minimal ice time. He is usually on the bottom line but occasionally gets top powerplay time, it is very odd usage. The team knows he can score but also will not give him a lot of ice time. Pat Quinn


August 2020 – Protas was not invited to the initial Capitals training camp for the restart of the season, but instead the plan became to loan him to the KHL. PRotas will will be loaned to Dinamo Minsk of the KHL until he is recalled to the Capitals 2020-21 training camp or (if him and the team decide) to go back to the WHL Prince Albert Raiders when both leagues begin to resume in December. Pat Quinn


March 2020 – It is too bad the CHL seasons are all cancelled (also likely the memorial cup, sadness, BUT safety comes first) as Protas completely broke through. He doubled his point total from 40 to 80 points in three less games (58 for 2019-2020), and that included 31 goals which goes against the thinking of him being pass first. He does still prefer to pass first but he is thankfully being more selfish. It would be best if Protas could go to the AHL for 2020-2021, but he will likely have to play in the WHL for another season and should dominate the league once again. The hope is he keeps developing no matter which league he is in as there is no room in the NHL for him for the near future. At 6-6, if Protas can continue to dominate the Capitals may have found a future #2 centre in the third round. Pat Quinn


December 2019 – Protas has taken his play to another level this year and has helped the Prince Albert Raiders to the teams 20-9-3-1 record. Did I mention he is the top player for the Raiders. He is leading the team in points with 42 points in 27 games, which is good for eighth overall in WHL scoring. Protas would be going to the World Junior Championship as the top player for Belarus but the team did not make the cut for the December 26 to January 5 tournament. Yet he was gone for the 2020 Division 1 World Junior tournament where he had seven points in five games as Belarus finished third. Pat Quinn


September 2019 – Protas was returned to the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL where he will look to build upon his strong end to the 2018-2019 season. The hulking centre will surely be in a top six role as the Raiders will again look to be a top contender in the WHL. Protas stood out in the Capitals exhibition leading the team early in scoring with three points in two games. He will still have to work on his skating and his shot but for a third round pick he may surprise people in the future. Pat Quinn


June 2019 – In the third round of the NHL entry draft the Capitals selected the towering centre and line mate of second round pick Brett Leason. Protas has a huge second half for Prince Albert even though he finished with 40 points in 61 games, but he really stood out in the playoffs where he posted 22 points in 23 games and also scored 12 goals as opposed to 11 in the regular season. Protas is a pass first centre that loves to thread passes all over the ice. He is also a beast at 6-5 and will need to keep working on his skill and skating as his body fills out. If he reaches his max potential he would be a second line centre that can make plays on a #1PP and also shut other teams down, but as a third round pick his odds are not the best to make it. Pat Quinn


Note: This player can also be referred to as Aliaksei Protas

Fantasy Upside 7.5
NHL Certainty 9.5
Country BLR
Position C
Roster Type Minors
Shoot/Glove Left
Date of Birth January 6, 2001
Height 6‘6”
Weight 209 lbs
Drafted 2019 Round 3; Overall: 91


 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2016-2017 Team Belarus U17Belarus Vysshaya4 0 11 0|        
 2017-2018 Team Belarus U17Belarus Vysshaya49 9 1120 8|Playoffs3 1 34
  Belarus U18WJC-185 1 34 0|        
  Team Belarus U20Belarus Development Cup2 0 00 2|        
 2018-2019 Prince Albert RaidersWHL61 11 2940 4|Playoffs23 12 1022
  Team Belarus U18Belarus Cup2 1 12 2|        
  Team Belarus U20Belarus Cup1 0 00 0|        
  Prince Albert RaidersM-Cup3 0 00 2|        
  Belarus U20WJC-20 D1A5 2 35 0|        
 2019-2020 Prince Albert RaidersWHL58 31 4980 8|        
  Belarus U20WJC-20 D1A5 4 37 6|        
 2020-2021 Dinamo MinskKHL58 10 818 4|Playoffs5 1 34
  Dinamo MinskBelarus Cup- - -- -|Playoffs2 0 00
  Hershey BearsAHL16 2 57 2|        
  BelarusWC6 0 22 0|        
  Belarus (all)International6 0 22 0|        
 2021-2022 Washington CapitalsNHL33 3 69 0|        
  Hershey BearsAHL42 8 1624 10|Playoffs3 0 11
  BelarusOGQ3 0 11 2|        
  Belarus (all)International5 1 23 2|        
 2022-2023 Washington CapitalsNHL58 4 1115 12|        
  Hershey BearsAHL9 2 35 0|Playoffs20 5 813
 2023-2024 Washington CapitalsNHL- - -- -|