Joe Gambardella

by Peter Harling on April 6, 2017

Joe Gambardella, C

Shoots: L

Height: 5-10

Weight: 201

Born: 1993-12-01

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Drafted: Undrafted




March 2017- Joe Gambardell signed a two-year, entry level deal on March 28th. Gambardella has played well this season for UMass-Lowell putting up 18 goals and 34 assists in 41 games. Standing at 5-10 and weighing 201 pounds, Gambardella isn’t the biggest player but that doesn’t stop him from using his body effectively and going hard to the net. He has a solid stride and excellent vision. His hockey IQ is fairly good, always seems to be in the right place at the right time whether it’s a goal or making a defensive play. Gambardella isn’t a fancy player but he gets the job done. His wrist shot is hard and has a quick release. I could see him being an effective third line scoring winger that also gets minutes on the penalty kill.  Spencer Pomoty


Fantasy Outlook: C





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  • Vinnie Vega

    This review is obviously from someone who either hasn’t see Joe play or has an extremely small sample size to judge his talent on.

    I’ve seen NCAA guys come and go over the years, as I have been a season ticket holder at UML for many years, but Gambardella is at the very top in terms of getting the most out of the physical package he has been dealt.

    His vision on the ice is excellent, his hockey IQ is also excellent. In the 4 years I have watched him, I have yet to see him make a bad decision with the puck or away from it. People who casually watch him might say he is Johnny on the spot or that (as the reviewer puts it “always seems to be in the right place at the right time”, but he seems that way because of his IQ and his work ethic.

    He goes to the dirty areas and is rewarded for it. He makes everyone he plays with, more successful. I also have never seen the guy take a shift off. He goes after it at 110% EVERY.SINGLE.SHIFT. EDM is going to love this guy. They have truly found a diamond in the rough. I’ve seen many drafted guys come through UML, but this guy is at the very top of the heap. I would take him over all of them if I were starting a team.

    • Lukav

      Very nice overview of Joseph, thanks for the breakdown. Do you think he could be a successful center in the NHL? Is he good on face-offs? Or do you think he’ll be more likely to find success on the wing?

      • Vinnie Vega

        Thanks. I don’t really have a feel for him playing wing, as I’ve never seen him do it. Was a center his four years at UML. In terms of face-offs, he was one of the top 2 guys on the team, winning 55.6% his senior year.

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